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[fusion_text]This fantastic Audi RS6 is a vehicle that we know well having already fitted the rear Milltek exhaust and with Revo stage 1 . We were asked to fit the Milltek down pipes and new center exhaust sections complete with high flow cats as well as the Revo stage 2 software.


The front pipes require quite a lot of stripping out as the original pipes hold the cats and cross over each other there is very little room to remove these . The scuttle has to come out and there is quite a lot to remove , offering up the front pipes we ran into an issue the n\s pipe which has a mounting bracket that didn’t align with the original fitting probably due to the fact that these are a new product that may need refining for all fitments . We decided after consulting the owner to fabricate a new mounting bracket so we could complete the install . Once the bracket was made we could complete the install and refit the scuttle panel and reconnect all lambdas .

20180207_125354                         20180208_164349

Original front pipes compared to new Milltek                                  original centre sections

20180207_125636                         20180208_164404

New Milltek front pipes installed                                      New Milltek center sections with high flow cats


After the exhaust was installed we could then flash the stage 2 Revo software into the engine control unit and carry out a set up and logging session to ensure correct running and optimum performance .

20180209_183102                         20180209_113728

Flashing the new Revo stage 2 software                                 Eventuri induction and engine cover


20180209_105314                         IMG_9258

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