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We were asked to check this Nissan Qashqai that a local garage had recently carried out some repair to. When it arrived the DPF and engine warning lights were on .The history of repairs were that the vehicle had suffered a common turbo pipe failure which had been replaced . The faults stored were for failed glow plugs and a DPF fault which would not clear. The glow plugs required replacing and tests carried out revealed that the DPF was restricted and showing an excessive back pressure at idle of 40 mb and under load was so bad that the readings were off the scale.




We carried out the necessary repairs and using our on car cleaning process we cleaned the DPF the results still impress me every time we do this process . After extensive road testing monitoring the DPF operation we rechecked the DPF back pressure at idle it was down to 5 mb and under load it was below 30 mb . All the faults cleared and we were able to return the vehicle back to the customer with considerable savings on replacing the DPF not even having to remove it from the vehicle.

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