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New Service available in situ valve cleaning .We are seeing more issues with direct injection engines particularly the VW and Audi FSI and TFSI with excessive carbon build up on the back off the valves causing poor running poor idle and lack of power .

The injectors are now located directly in the combustion chamber and aimed directly at the crowned piston creating a unique injector spray pattern and flame spread within the cylinder, a bi product of which is heavy carbon build up on and around the inlet valves which ultimately zaps precious power from the engine by reducing the capacity to burn fuel and air !

Other symptoms include poor performance, miss fire, lumpy idle speed, lethargic engine response, poor fuel consumption, engine MIL lamp, restricted performance

We already have the facilities to test and clean GDI injectors. We have now added the Tunap valve cleaning system which cleans the valves in situ using polymer beads which are blasted in at high velocity, this method is both incredibly clean and efficient  saving up to 70% on labour cost’s. The results have been fantastic with the vehicles running restored back to normal saving the cost of removing the cylinder head to de coke .

VW Audi FSI carbon on valves in situ cleaning                                             VW Audi tfsi valve cleaning

Before cleaning                                                                                                      After cleaning

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