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VW Golf R in our workshop for a Revo stage 2 build . The required hard ware for stage 2 is a full Turbo back exhaust in this case we used a quality Milltek system . To fit this requires removal of the prop shaft and the engine bed to allow enough room to get the front pipe out .

IMG_8895                                IMG_8894

Old and new exhaust                                                       old exhaust engine bed and prop shaft removed



New Milltek cast down pipe

A larger front mount inter cooler is the next item required Airtec was the chosen replacement . The front mount requires removal of the front bumper and crash bar . The inter cooler is situated between the radiator and the A\C condenser quite a bit of dismantling .

IMG_8887                   IMG_8888

Original inter cooler removed                                         Front bumper and plastic surrounds

IMG_8889                IMG_8891

Original inter cooler in place                                               Airtec inter cooler fitted


Revo induction open kit was the preferred choice for the high flow inlet although other options are also available.



The final stage after reassembly is installing the Revo stage 2 engine software and a stage 2 DSG software upgrade .

Rolling road testing and set up produced a healthy 399 BHP .


IMG_8897           IMG_8964

Milltek exhaust installed                                     Rolling Road testing and setup






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