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VW Audi Add blue \ SCR faults

Having Ad Blue faults with your VW or Audi group vehicle? we are seeing more and more issues with these systems and have invested considerable time and money in research and tooling to enable us to fully understand , diagnose and repair the Adblue systems.

P2002 P204F P20EE P202A

We have carried out specialist training with the most respected technical trainers in the U.K. on this subject covering Ad blue \ SCR systems specifically on VW Audi group vehicles at A.D.S. Autoinform in Preston.

P2002 P204F P20EE P202A

Genuine Audi VW testing equipment for AdBlue systems

We have carried on developing our testing methods alongside A.D.S. and have invested in the appropriate genuine testing equipment so we accurately test and diagnose these complex systems.

P2002 P204F P20EE P202A

If you have Adblue warnings on the dash or have had any of theses fault codes read P2002 P204F P20EE P202A  . Please call we can help diagnose and repair the system

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