VAG 1.6 common rail injector faults causing blocked DPD filters

We are seeing more and more injector issues with the 1.6 common rail VAG engines . There is some contention that this has been made worse with the emissions update software we are not sure if this is related but we are certainly seeing an increase in requests to check injector problems .

One recent example is a 1.6 Golf plus that had recently had a replacement engine that was booked in with a lack of power.  Both engine and DPF lights were on and the vehicle was suffering with poor running, smoking and a lack of power .


Initial investigation revealed a badly blocked DPF and this was considered to be the cause of the problems . We initiated a static regeneration via the dealer tool Odis . During regeneration we are able to monitor vital factors temperature as well as the DPF soot loading .

static regeneration via the dealer tool Odis

After regeneration we reassessed the vehicle and were disappointed that although the engine and DPF warning lights had gone out the vehicle still had the same symptoms of smoking and poor running .

Our next test was again using Odis we are able to carry out adaptation of the injectors this will learn the injector parameters into the ecu any injector that fails the test is displayed after the test has run . The test procedure is an automated test which once implemented goes through a series of RPM increases up to 4,000 RPM and sounds quite scary but it is an invaluable test to prove injector function .

After the test was completed two injectors failed and this was the cause of the smoking poor running and lack of power . The excess diesel injected had also blocked the DPF this was the result not the cause of the problems with this car .

Final report showing two failed injectors..
Final report showing two failed injectors