VW Golf R Revo Stage 3 conversion

Volkswagen Golf R Revo stage 3 build

Volkswagen Golf R Revo stage 3 remapping

Volkswagen Golf R Revo stage 3 build

This Golf R was already well known to us as we had already carried out both stage 1 and then stage 2 Revo conversions  using Milltek full exhaust from the turbo back and an Airtec intercooler and Revo induction.The  Revo stage three conversion requires a larger turbo A direct replacement for the IHI Turbo found on 2.0 TSI EA888 GEN3 engines, the IS38ETR is an enhanced version of the OEM IS38 housing, providing over 45% more flow capability offering the potential of over 500HP. Revo Hardware and Software are the key to achieving this performance and have been developed to work in harmony with the ETR upgrade.

The high-performance Revo IS38ETR offers a significant upgrade over the stock IS38 whilst maintaining the original fitment and compressor and turbine housings. The compressor and turbine housings have been CNC re-profiled to match the larger wheels and stronger shaft, also allowing room for a bespoke heatshield matched to the increased internal diameters. Strength is a key factor to the IS38ETR, a replacement back-plate machined from a billet piece offers a greater resistance to warping. The larger bearing housing has also been upgraded to make room for a specifically designed bearing system, incorporating a reinforced thrust bearing. Precision balanced to levels above the OEM specification reduces vibration to the lowest possible level and improves performance and reliability of the turbocharger.

Milltek cast downpipe 
New Milltek cast down pipe                   
Airtec intercooler
Airtec inter cooler fitted

Revo induction kit
Revo induction kit

The Revo stage 3 conversion requires a larger turbo from turbo Technics IS 38ETR
The Revo stage 3 conversion requires a larger turbo from turbo Technics IS 38ETR

As well as the larger Turbo we recommended the Revo Alcon front brake conversion no good going faster if you cannot stop.

Standard Brakes and Revo conversion..
Standard Brakes and Revo conversion

Revo vw golf norwich

Revo brakes vw golf norwich